Unit 7009 feels the Scouting program should be available to every child who wants to come and learn with us. Fun with a purpose.  

We believe in the program so much we want to share it with EVERYONE; we never want money to be a hurdle in scouting.  

In order to provide a fun learning environment and provide all the opportunities available to scouts such as summer camp and scouting actives like bowling and fishing trips we need to fundraise. 

Scouting can be costly, from joining fees, uniforms and activity fees and camping fees. Fundraising helps minimize the cost for a scout and their family to join the scouting program.

Current Fundraisers


Check back after Feb. 25th for candy and meat sticks

World's Finest Chocolate Bars & Tillamook Meat Sticks

We are will be selling cadny and meat sticks in February. The unit received 30% of the total sales.

100% of the proceeds go directly to the scouts.  

$1 Chocolate Bars 

$1.50 Meat Sticks 

Help feed that growling beast in everyone’s belly with delicious World’s Finest Chocolate bars or Tillamook Country Smoker meat sticks. Whether you’re craving sweet or savory, we’ve got the snack for you! 

The money will help pay for registration fees, camp fees, activity fees and will help support the unit in providing a fun learning environment for all kids.